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We apply the power of experience design to web technology to help commercial and government clients make money, save money and delight their customers while doing so.

We start with branding.

Even when the topic is technology, we start by looking very hard at how the current brand resonates with the people who interact with it. Is that impression positive or negative? What can we do to either correct course or make what's working even more compelling?

Portals, sites, apps and the like are quite often the primary point of contact between organizations and their constituents. So there is no better place to communicate and continually reinforce the value of the brand — with every action, every control, every object on every screen.

If the system is slow, if the error messages make no sense, if the labeling is cryptic, brand perception suffers immediately. There is no room for this. Because in a networked age, the first thing frustrated users do is complain to their peers online via any one of a million social services. Brands fall very hard and very fast in this environment, and it's extremely difficult and expensive to try and reverse the tide.

We clarify and simplify through design.

Every screen the user sees is charged with a complex task: Be everything to everyone.

The user interface must quickly, clearly and powerfully communicate the value of the offering to multiple groups: to customers, to investors, to stakeholders, to targeted end-users. Essentially, every screen has to prove that everything the user needs or wants is contained within, that it's all easy to use and that the time invested doing so will be extremely valuable. No pressure, right?

Our deep expertise in both user experience strategy and user interface design provides the answers to common questions people ask upon visiting any screen:
  • Is this what I expected to see?
  • Does this look credible and trustworthy?
  • Does this offer what I want?
  • What actions can I take now?
  • That's interesting. How do I learn more?
  • How do I contact someone?
Every segment of the audience will form judgments about your credibility, quality and responsiveness as an organization based on their experience with your site, your app, your software. To be effective, the UI design should give each audience a good reason to think they'll find exactly what they need, no matter what screen they happen to be on.
And we build it all, too

Even the best visual design approach will fail miserably if not properly implemented. Twofold developers create experiences that are (a) mindful to user context and (b) adaptable based on browser and device features. With the the proliferation of tablets and smartphones that shows absolutely no signs of slowing, we believe it's critical to set up a foundation that can flex with future devices and browsers.

From HTML5 to PHP to .NET platforms and everything in between, Twofold is completely platform-agnostic. We've designed and implemented sites, portals and apps for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Every project is customized for compatibility with our clients’ internal and external hosted environments, third-party integration requirements and IT departmental guidelines. Our job, after all, is to make your job easier.
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