how we do it

We start with Why and Who

Everything starts with understanding the needs of the business and the project goals that can’t always be easily articulated. So at the beginning of every project, we ask key project stakeholders questions. A lot of questions. And we listen intently to the answers.

The next place we look is to users, who are also often customers. What do they want? What do they need? What will they use? Understanding the behaviors, expectations and motivations of users points the way to features and functionality that will make their lives easier.

Addressing both perspectives — the organization’s and end-user’s —illuminate the areas where the needs and goals of both overlap. These are the sweet spots — opportunities to provide differentiated value.

We collaborate with you to figure out the what.

What’s possible? What’s feasible? What’s appropriate? What will position you to stand apart from competing organizations or products, in terms of attracting customers and communicating value or differential?

Twofold’s job is to make sure that experience matches expectation. In order to do that we have to find a way to create a value loop. A scenario where value goes out to the user, simplifying user tasks and encouraging frequent use. And in doing so, that value comes back to the organization in the form of sales and reduced costs for management, maintenance and support.

Is it a custom portal? A mobile-specific app or system? A website? Your product could be any one of those things, maybe even all of them. But at Twofold, we believe that just because we can design or build something doesn’t mean we should. It’s important to choose a solution or vehicle that serves your unique business goals — and satisfies the needs of your users and/or customers.

Design answers the how.

Once we know what we’re building, who we’re building it for and why it matters, we move to design. This is where our UX and UI designers collaborate to envision a memorable, branded experience by addressing the emotional – as well as rational – needs of users.

Every user interaction that takes place should reflect the brand value. Every visual element on every screen should increase recognition, loyalty and satisfaction. To enable this, Twofold follows an activity-based design process that eliminates the risk that users will be disappointed or will reject the new offering. We favor an iterative approach that allows teams to quickly put ideas out for client review and refine them. In addition to increasing the number of great ideas and the quality of design, this approach provides a structure to allow the appropriate number of people to participate in the design process.

Development makes it all a reality.

As design evolves, the development team is connecting and integrating multiple points of visitor interaction to create a continuous, consistent experience. From database design to platform development, a flexible foundation is laid for the features and functions to come.

As individual components, features and functions are added, everything moves into focus. From detailed site architecture and approved content components to fully tested prototypes and polished visual design specifications, the dream slowly becomes real. As pages are completed and all databases and integrated systems are linked, we test early and often to maintain progress.

Every aspect of the development process is engineered to eliminate content churning, redundant development efforts, and wasted energy.
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